How to do SEO

How to do SEO?

SEO work is difficult but is a valuable job for the site when it is done. Compared to other studies, all SEO studies show you what you want and what you’re looking for and provide things to help you. Providing you with what you want increases traffic in your email and the number of hits on your site.

The better you do, the better your return will be.

People ask questions that Google can’t answer in their heads. How can I solve an event, how to start, how to set things up, etc., many questions to Google as a question, then I want to find answers from the pages that come in.

These answers should be best to avoid any question mark in your mind. In this case, seo work should be done. A collection of works that will help seo solve the problem in the simplest way.
We have talked about general factors in SEO studies and I will try to explain the basics of these studies and how they are done.
When determining your keyword and placing it on your website, using the best methods of writing content, entering appropriate data, uploadtime to your webpage, image updates that fit the link structure of your site and the structure of your pageSEO Works that are done.
Apart from the above mentioned explanations, SEO studies are conducted in two ways. Site SEO and Off Site SEO is done in two ways.

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