Considering A Job In Search Engine Marketing

Considering A Job In Search Engine Marketing

Although the title of this article is ‘Considering a Career in Search Engine Marketing’ it is important to emphasize that there are actually two different areas within ‘search’, namely: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising.

Industry experts have mixed opinions on how to define ‘search’, but for the purposes of this article, Search Engine Marketing search engine optimization (also known as natural search) and Search Engine Advertising (also pay per click) also known as, covers sponsored or paid search).

Background Search Engine Growth

It has been around the Internet forever and using a search engine to search for information now seems to be a normal day of daily activity. However, it is easy to forget that Yahoo! just celebrated its 12th birthday in March 2007 and Google celebrated its 10th birthday in September 2007. To see how fast the industry is growing, you need to look at the number of additional products and services both offered today!

When search engines were first launched, the result pages were based on their own proprietary algorithms. So the high search engine results made the desire to be ranked as the importance of search engines for website owners increased. This leads to the growth of SEO companies that will provide a service to optimize a website to maximize ranking in search engine results.

As a result of the first Payment-Per-Payment Search Engine launch by in 1998 (changed to Overture and now owned by Yahoo Search Marketing) is another opportunity for SEO companies managing Pay-Per-Click campaigns for their customers leads to add service. In addition, it also led to the launch of new Search Engine Marketing (SEM) companies that specialize in managing only Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Of course, where there is an industry growth there are also opportunities and none more business opportunities created now as a result of the extraordinary growth of the Internet and search engines.

Where are the job opportunities?

As well as business opportunities within Search Engine Marketing companies are becoming more common to see some traditional marketing and advertising agencies offer search engine-related jobs. In addition, there are now specialized digital media companies that provide search engine marketing services. Corporate employers are also starting to work in-house with their Search Engine Marketing professionals and this trend is expected to continue growing.

What skills and features will you need?

The type of skills and qualifications required depends on how much expert work role and also the level of work. While many companies will want experience in business discipline, others will look for well-motivated, flexible individuals with both the ability and desire to learn quickly.

Although a technical background is required for more technical roles (e.g. Search Engine Optimization Specialist) in HTML, programming or IT, the required background level varies from company to company

For roles related to more marketing (e.g. managing a large Pay Per Click campaign for a customer) good business skills, analytical and inquisitive mind, creativity, lateral thinking and robust product and project management skills are always good qualities to have. These transferable skills can be gained from a wide range of experiences in different industries.

However, having an invalid attribute is the ability to cope with change. Things are changing so quickly in the search engine industry that you can quickly respond to new products and services that are launched regularly, as well as updates to search engine algorithms, and what various changes are you need to be able to analyze what it means. Client.

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