In-Site SEO Studies

In-Site SEO Studies

In-site SEO studies are studies that take into account the results of the strategy section. As its name will be, it describes the work done within the site.

In-site SEO studies include:

Determination of title – meta- H labels for category pages
Determination of title – meta – H labels for subcategory pages
Determination of title – meta- H label template for product pages
Identification of visual subtags
Content studies for category pages and landing pages
Internal linking studies

Offsite SEO Studies Although it is called offsite SEO studies, we know this title as “backlink”. I was on a backlink at the beginning of my article, so I’m not going back to the description. Topics to be queried when buying a


How many backlinks should you get?
How often should you get a backlink?
Which sites don’t get backlinks?
Should you buy your backlinks from the same industry?
Which parts of websites should you get backlink from?
What should you technically pay attention to when buying a backlink?
Your answers to these questions will form your backlink strategy.

What is done within the scope of off-site SEO studies is;

Identifying publishers with high DA
Creation of promotional article / backlink content
Ensuring that the introductory article / backlinks are published with the correct SEO principles
Indexing of published backlinks
Detection and prevention of harmful backlinks


You should definitely measure your SEO work. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to succeed on the road without a goal. You can measure SEO work with many SEO tools, but Google Analytics and Google Search Console will provide you with the most successful data. Whether it’s the keywords you’ve identified, your organic traffic, or sales from organic traffic! You can’t conduct SEO studies without metering.

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