So SEO and Strategy

So SEO and Strategy

First in (online, of course..) detailed analysis. So no matter how much it is in your own industry, the business is more and more on the Internet. While his name is bile and the Internet, he’s got a lot of significant turnover, and you’ve got one. Here, the internet internet which web place website, your key website.

Later, this website analyzes SEO. Tumbu da:

How many years has the competing site been serviced?
How many indexed pages are there on the opposing site?
Is this site SEO and? If yes, what?
Is the target e-ge? If yes, how much is it?
Rival sites what are very good, what is wrong?
Is there a gap?
So long and so easy. We never beat new from time to time, which is googled, which is the most prominent.
In a nutshell, i.e In the first part and the road map!

Technical SEO Studies

After the technical SEO strategy is the most. Once in this section is pointed out but with technical and technical corrections much faster quicker!

So what with Technical SEO. The subject is a very simple one: The user experience of a website can be great. I mean, he can navigate very well, in seconds in between. It can be shopping or very well. However, google can also navigate your site?

Technical SEO Ancestor’s inns:

Your Google indexed page
Every day and
Unscanned pages
Copy and
Subdomain analysis
Site and Search Console
According to the SEO principles of the site
Page status (200 – 404 – 5XX) and
txt file and index indexes and indexes block your page
Analysis of scanning analysis
URL’s SEO compliant and interventions
Parameter and syntimetre
Sequential CSS and Inline Javascript
Seo compliant with paging fiction
Google’s pages and this page
Website speed
The speed of your page with the most traffic
Optimizing images
Visual subtags
Ajax and
Subdomain, .tr referrals
Canonical label

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