I want to set up free SSL

I want to set up free SSL

I want to set up free SSL Hello everyone, i would like to set up free SSL to you, we often in our article which is valuable and very important? We’ve prepared it for our customers who say.

Why should I set up an SSL? SSL Certification is an important SEO criterion that is important to Google. A reason to step forward 2 steps forward for your competing sites that do not have an SSL Certificate. If you would like to purchase a Paid SSL Certificate, you can visit our page.

The importance of SSL Certification

SSL Certificate is a ranking criterion.
It’s user-friendly.
It’s safer.
Enhances user experience.
How to set up a Free SSL Certificate on the site?
There are multiple methods of setting up a Free SSL Certificate. These are described in detail below.

SSL Certificate that comes free with Cloudflare
cPanel Plugins Let’s Encrypt
SSL For Free Free SSL Certificate

How to set up An SSL Certificate for free?
Of course, you don’t need to install Cloudflare to have Free SSL, but it’s not possible to set up an SSL Certificate through Cpanel for free unless Hosting has set up Let’s Encrypt to the company servers you purchased.

Keep in mind that hosting companies that care about their customers, such as Nettacompany and Nettacompany, are not afraid to set up this add-on for you. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to this when choosing a hosting company.

If you’re not on a server set up on Let’s Encrypt, you can check out InstallIng SSL with Cloudflare.ssl-security-certificate

1- Cloudflare ssl installation
Setting up An SSL with Cloudflare is not as difficult as it seems. We can set up SSL using the free version of Cloudflare. Let’s follow the process.

Enter Click sign up in the menu at the top right
Enter an email address that has not been previously registered in the E-mail section of Sign Up. Enter a password that fits the Password Section.

Enter your site in Add Your site Section
Update the Ns addresses given to you in this section from your Domain Name Management Panel. The domain name sometimes takes 1 minute, sometimes 3-4 hours. So be sure you’re doing it right and wait patiently.
When Ns addresses sit, mark them as Flexible in the SSL section in crypto.

Note: The SSL Certificate may not appear instantly. you can ask your friends who have not entered your site before and ask if they have received a Security certificate error. Also, if you’re using WordPress, check out WordPress SSL Routing.

How to install 2-Cpanel free SSL?

Establishing an SSL Certificate from Cpanel is only 60 seconds for servers with let’s encrypt plug-ins. With one click you can get quick secure and free SSL certificate.

Setting up SSL with Let-s Encrypt

With Let’s Encrypt you can follow the pictures step by step to set up SSL. There is a written narrative under the pictures.

Log into Cpanel with your FTP Information. Then contact the Security Section. Finally, press Let’s Encrypt

In this section, press the icon that says +Issue to the right of your domain name.

Make sure the tics above are marked and press the Orange button again (Issue)

3- SSL Certificate Setup with SSLForFree
You can set up SSL Certificates in 3 stages that you receive from the site.

How does SSLForFree SSL work?

Automatic FTP Information and SSL Setup, Manual Verification and Validation options are available with Manual DNS. We will tell you about the installation with FTP.

We type your domain address into “enter your website to secure” and click on the “Create Free SSL Certificate” button.

We click on the “Automatic FTP Verification” button and move on to the next stage.

We enter FTP Information correctly and the SSL Setup is complete.

WordPress SSL Routing

If you have A CMS Of WordPress, I’ll talk about how you can do WordPress SSL Routing. If you haven’t done SSL Routing, setting up free SSL won’t help.

So let’s follow these steps and follow WordPress SSL Routing.

WordPress SSL Routing Plugin

With this add-on, you can do WordPress SSL Routing with one click, but for users who don’t want to use add-ons, you can take the 2nd in different ways. and the third. we’ll share it in our article.We can resolve the removal of WordPress Unsafe text with the Really simple SSL plug-in. We just need to install and activate the add-on.


Making https with htaccess
With Htaccess, you can switch from http to https. For this, we can apply the following procedures in order. First of all, we connect to Hosting with Filezilla or a different FTP tool. We then open the .htaccess file in public_html with any text editor. Just click right and edit it.

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