Contribution to SEO by Optimizing Your Pictures

Today we’re going to talk about an extremely important detail for your website where you’ve put in a long effort, image optimization.

By playing with the dimensions of your pictures, you can improve the speed at which your site opens and visitor conversion. Page openings exceeding 5 seconds have been proven to have a negative effect on approximately 72% of visitors and have often been found. In this context, Google has repeatedly expressed its commitment to site speed and offered us various suggestions for optimization through the search console.

What should we do before we optimise pictures?

First, I suggest you get a backup of the folder with the pictures. Sometimes pictures get lost in a very absurd way. We’ll then use the site to make a broad assessment of the current dimensions of the images that add your site’s opening.

Write down our site address and visit our site of the analysis gtmetrix. CSS vs JS files are also analyzed. It’s also included in these files, and it’s in great shape, css and JavaScript are very good. Bozars repairs and can be difficult.

The result and the situation are in and in this situation. Our example page load time 7 sec (very high) Total pages are 6.58 MB and 114 mb and 114 mb.

At the bottom is “scaled images” with a size of 200200 and a 500500 and 500-, picture. And how much savings you can save to optimize is that if these are dynamic ages, i.e. a new place all the time, what we recommend is the system by turning it into 200*200. It’s the one that slanders him and stirs it up.

One important area is ” optimized images ” section. This image is an automated and optimized system, downloading new-sized versions of pictures by giving a link to size. The picture happens to a certain size and by throwing direct time hostinge.

Finally, the ” Leverage browser caching ” section tells you how to speed up your site using the cache system, and which pages’ cookies will work for you. This is another important detail, but since it’s out of position, we’re storing it in another post.