What do you do about eCommerce competitor analysis and making your own site more conspicuous in Google searches? Today we would like to present you 10 different tips in our article. First of all, we would like to point out that make your site user-friendly, not search engines. It’s the satisfaction of your users that counts, not Google.
Google is not an algorithm that expects you to please it, it measures the user’s activities, not Google’s, in all its measurements and analyses, and determines your ranking accordingly.


And that’s where you have, what you have, where you crawl and sin. In a product, in a product, in a product. This is standard and does not attract many users. There’s nothing wrong with that. The title of this product product is and < h 1 > lalaza inkisha.


Enrich the materials of your products with original, nowhere anywhere. While this may seem like a challenging process for sites that sell products too much, it is a method of reaping fruit and receiving rewards over time. Think of more users here than search engines. Why would a user who encounters the same content on each site want to shop on your site? You can show that your products are different with their rich content. Why is your user searching for the product, what is the purpose of the search, and why should you search for it? First ask yourself these and similar questions and then make your content rich and different with the answers that will occur later. The product label is labeled and is very well labeled in < h 2 >

PRODUCT IMAGES Revise product images. More and more is a much better product. What frames are included in both you ols site and si? The theme in this area and the interest and interest year.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization , translated into Turkish for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in English, is a system that allows websites to be easily scanned by search engines. Search engine optimization, which has been developed to enable users to search more effectively using the search engine, is done in two types: in-site and offsite. Website owners who wish to rank high in search engines must comply with SEO rules. With rigorous and patient search engine optimization, it is possible to advance search results over time. Especially the evolving internet technology has made it mandatory for sites to comply with SEO rules. The cost of promotion, marketing and sales of seo-dominating websites will decrease. With search engine optimization, you can generate high revenues in digital marketing and increase the prestige of your site.

How to Do Search Engine Optimization

When search engine optimization is done effectively and accurately, the popularity of websites is rapidly growing. The best search engine to consider in this regard is Google. If you want to rank high in search results, using Google services for search engine optimization will help you get results quickly. Effective SEO studies are required to rank high on Google. In this regard, it is very important to be natural. In the search engine optimization work for the inside and outside the site, we can list the issues to be considered as follows:


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