How to Monetize the Mobile App

How to Monetize the Mobile App With the developing technology, smartphones have become almost every need. Perhaps the reasons for meeting our needs are the mobile applications that we install on our phones So how can we make a profit by developing a mobile app? There are several ways to do this.

In-App Ad Impression

Advertising Providers

You can get ads for your mobile app using SDK (Software libraries) provided by advertising companies (Google Admob, Adcash, Adnimo…). These ads provide different gains according to their size and the text shown in the ad (text, visual, video, animated visuals). At the same time, earnings per impression and per click vary.

We can say in advance that clicks always pay more than my impression.

Another issue affecting the profit rate is the advertising campaign.

For example, the ad you’re involved in your app is a mobile game ad; If this ad earns as much as X to the impression and xx to click, downloading the game after clicking gives you as much as XXX.

Negotiated Sponsored Ads

Another type of ad that generates a profit is the type of ad that you control, provided by the private agreement between you and the advertiser.

Let’s say you have a high-hit app. A company has discovered your app and contacted you. You can buy and profit from your app as part of your agreement. Of course, you will be expected to provide detailed statistics by the advertiser. Such as day-based views and clicks.

In-App Product Sales

For example, if you have an app, it could be a game or a normal app. You can sell a feature within your app that will remove ads. Or speaking of the game; you can sell in-game money (coin, gold, diamonds…).

App Sales

When your app reaches a really good download and effective usage, you may receive offers from some investors about doing the same or selling your app directly. People who are also aware of this may want to print their own projects for you.